Sar4Trac Courses


– for those who own a 4X4, have “no intention or plan to go off-road” but would like to know more about their vehicles’ features and capabilities. 

– Covers basic 4WD concepts and mechanisms, what your vehicle has, how to use, and when. Mild demonstrations.

– Half day session. RM488 per person, subject to minimum of 10 persons. Best done in particpant’s own vehicle. Certificate of attendance will be issued.



– for those who do or plan to drive off-road occasionally for recreation or as part of work

– As in INTRODUCTORY, plus techniques and equipment for various types of terrain. Respect for the environment, and how this will enhance your enjoyment and protect both your vehicle and surroundings from damage. Practical session with assessment.

– One day. RM1,200 per person, subject to minimum of 9 persons. Includes practical training in participants’ own 4X4. For those who do not possess a 4X4, vehicles can be rented with prior arrangement. Certificate of participation will be issued.



– For those who regularly drive off-road in challenging conditions for work or plan to undertake arduous journeys for recreation.

– For those who want to learn as much as possible to prepare themselves for all eventualities, including extreme situations and use of specialised equipment, including winches for recovery.

– What’s covered? BASIC plus advanced techniques and equipment, including winches. Practical session with detailed assessment and certificate of competence.

– Two to three days, can be customised to requirement. RM1,100 per person day, using own vehicle. Talk to us about your specific requirements.